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Growing marijuana indoors

Tips For Successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana is something that’s gradually becoming acceptable in different communities, given the freedom that was provided in several states recently. Would you love to try this venture? Then, try to learn about it.

This article will deep dive you into the best tips for growing cannabis in an indoor environment. Perhaps you’ll also discover the basics of successfully budding your plants. As long as you’re willing to grow and ready to study the info with patients, you’ll be able to effectively start your cultivation project soon. Keep reading to feast your eyes on some of the tested and proven marijuana growing tips that’ll take your weed experience to the next level.

Light supplements are all you need

One of greatest ways to utilize power when growing marijuana indoors is to employ fluorescent bulbs for supplementing your high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Fluorescent lights like CFLs and 5s not only provide the best lighting spectrum for your plants, they also are highly efficient with electricity usage and radiate liberal amounts of heat/energy.

In addition, they can conveniently be positioned on the side walls to better penetrate your garden canopy and effectually direct sufficient light to the middle-third of the plants.

growing marijuana indoors

Proper genetics

Nothing in the biology of marijuana makes sense without the knowledge of ‘genetics’. Nothing at all. Good cannabis genetics means everything. With a 1K HID and good genetics, you’re a superman! Behind every splendid grow, awe-inspiring bud photograph, every incredibly spectacular bag of bad, and every memorable marijuana experience, there’s someone who seriously invested on good genetics. A million dollar grow-room is unproductive without the right DNA applied into it.

Yes, transitional feeding works like magic

Plants don’t require flowering nutes until the flowers begin forming. Keep your plants on full-strength vegetative nutes throughout the first and second week of flowering. Likewise, both indicas and sativas benefit from prolonged Metal Halide lighting for 1 or 2 weeks into the flowering period.


It’s important to catch molds, pests, and infestations early and act swiftly. Insect secretions, as well as powdery mildew on plant surfaces, can be noticed at night with a UVB light/ a grid headlight. Take a look now and save yourself the agony of ending up with poor quality cannabis.

Be mindful of the Four P’s 

Plants which grow bushier with even branching can be more productive under artificial light sources, yielding consistent, dense bud quality right from the top to the bottom. Observe the ‘Four P’s’ and you’ll succeed. Pinch: out the middle growing point on every established vegetative plant top support bushier growth. Don’t pinch your cannabis if the crop is less than 14 days away from entering the bud phase. Pluck: cut off leaves ONLY if they’re blocking so from much light other budding points. Do so frugally, fan leaves are significant energy factories. Patience: is essential to your success, you have no choice but to exercise it! Prune: Do it all at once, for instance during the 2nd week of flowering. Consistent pruning subjects your plants to stress because they’re forced to keep re-wiring themselves.

Grow organic 

If you want to save time and money, grow organic. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and get high-quality marijuana that burns effectively. Go green, I mean green. We already over-depend on petrochemicals so why pour chemical-based fertilizers on our precious plants? I say no! Just grow organic it will completely change your grow-room and your overall life.

The power of proper flushing

It doesn’t matter what type of medium is being used, mineral fertilizer will trigger salt buildups and eventually lead to the intoxication of your plants if proper flushing isn’t applied. Flushing helps to wash-down the medium, and as a result, plenty of water flows through the vessels down to the ground. It’ equally important to drain excess water from your grow-room, so there’s no so much humidity. This procedure is best performed at the onset of the light-cycle, in order to favor the evaporation of excess water and allow the medium to dry faster after flushing.

Just emulsify 

In science, it’s believed that oil and water don’t mix. Fortunately, a solution has now been found. Thanks to the amazing technological innovations in our today’s world. To obtain a uniform mixture of cold-pressed neem oil and water, start by emulsifying neem oil with liquid silica. Add this emulsification (oil/silica) to one gallon of tepid water. Once done, add two tablespoons of a surfactant, such as yucca juice to break down the surface tension. Then shake and spray.

Don’t wait

Be diligent in everything you do. Successful growers pay close attention to detail and operate tidy, organized work areas. I think most people get enthralled by the mystique of cannabis husbandry and forget that our core growers are simply practicing farming and that means waking up early and working tirelessly to get the best harvest. Mix some love and passion with hard work and watch your “business” boom like never!

Patience, patience, and patience

The trick with growing marijuana indoors is patience. Remember, you might not get enough of this holy weed. So, keep everything simple. Keep it clean and above all green. Good luck!


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