To Be Blunt: Cannabis drug testing is unethical and a violation of privacyPosted by On

A drawing of a drug test designed to detect marijuana.
Alexandra Abrams | Daily Trojan

Imagine: You’re up for a minimum wage 9-to-5 job where all you’re really looking forward to is your biweekly direct deposit. You’ve been accepted, and now all that awaits you are the dreaded, incomprehensible tax forms and, wait, drug testing? 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably panic-searched, “how long until cannabis is out of your system” on more than a few occasions. Following the abysmal results (that edible you took two weeks ago says “hi” and continues to haunt you post-high), you might also look up “how to pass a drug test weed.” 

Drug testing, particularly for cannabis, which is now medically legal in 39 states and territories, 13 of which also allow for legal adult use recreationally, is a relic of ancient times. 

Of course, no employer wants an inebriated worker on their team, least of all when the job requires operating heavy machinery, working with children or performing heart surgery. However, just…

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