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Top 5 Facts about Cannabis Strain Bubba Kush


Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your host Jonathan. It’s Thursday March 30th 2017 and that means it’s strain reviews day. Today we present the top 5 facts about the Cannabis strain known as Bubba Kush for our weed review. Yeah!

Fact Number 5: History & Lineage
Allegedly, this strain was created accidentally in 1996 when an OG Kush hybrid pollinated with an unknown indica strain from New Orleans. The name Bubba was adopted from the breeder’s name.

Based on the genetic history of the strain many believe it originates from the Hindu Kush mountains.
Bubba Kush is so popular in the United States due to its potency and solid indica genetics there have been a slew of crossbred child strains including: Blackberry Kush, Bubba’s Gift, and Madness.

Fact Number 4: Positive vs Negative Effects
The primary medical use of Bubba Kush is for relaxation. Many patients prefer this strain due to its ability to alleviate insomnia, depression, stress, and ADD or ADHD.

Users tend to experience heavy, slow-breathing relaxation and a palpable sense of physical comfort. Couchlock isn’t common. Most users are functional and alert and can maintain mental focus and converse or perform tasks as needed.

Bubba Kush can provide some relief from anxiety and depression in addition to soothing chronic, deep-seated aches and pains. In large enough doses, it can serve as treatment for insomnia as well. Many users describe increased appetite as a common side effect.

The only negatives are the usual Dry Mouth and Dry Eyes. There is a very small chance users of Bubba Kush will experience Dizziness, Paranoia, and Headaches.

Fact Number 3: Sativa vs Indica & THC/CBD Levels

Bubba Kush is 100% indica and typically has a high THC content, ranging from between 15 to 22%. The THCA has been known to be around 17.5% with the CBD at .1%.

Fact Number 2: Appearance, Smell & Taste

The flowers of Bubba Kush have a vague aroma of coffee or cocoa, with some slight fruitiness beneath. The aroma often borders on an acrid ammonia smell, but always emits deep, earthy tones. The taste is mostly dank, with some sweetness and a peppery kick in the exhale. When burnt, Bubba Kush smells more hashy and spicy.

The leaves are dark green and can sometimes show shades of purple. Bubba Kush has vivid green and purple buds that are coated in amber hairs. The abundance of trichomes makes this strain sticky.

Fact Number 1: Let’s Smoke It!

Well the fact is all these facts are meaningless unless we light up and experience it for ourselves. So let’s smoke it!!


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