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Deeper Japan’s involvement in travel industry matching event leads to the creation of new cultural products in Saga and Fukuoka

We’re aiming to create high-value experiential content in these less-traveled areas using this opportunity.”

— Hikaru Ishikawa

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 19, 2024 / — Through participation in an event organized by the Japan Tourism Agency, in which businesses and organizations across the tourism industry were matched to facilitate greater innovation, Deeper Japan accelerated the development of high-value experiential products in less-traveled regions throughout Kyushu. Following Deeper Japan’s presentation at the pitching event, the start-up successfully matched with local businesses and began initiating efforts towards revitalizing the tourism industry in both Fukuoka and Saga Prefecture.

By working in direct collaboration with government offices to develop new experiences, the initiative spearheaded by Deeper Japan aims to facilitate the expansion of tourism infrastructure, as well as foster the growth of the local economy. The current proposal focuses on developing a traditional firework crafting workshop in partnership with a handheld firework manufacturing company in Miyama, and a katana sword-forging tour conducted by a master swordswith local to Imari. In addition to refining the development of these cultural products, Deeper Japan has also…

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