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Trenton’s Administrative Committee Tuesday evening reviewed ordinances from other communities governing marijuana smoking or consumption in public places. Suggestions were made for the city attorney and police chief to recommend wording that amends a Trenton ordinance regarding the usage of medical marijuana to include the adult-use recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

Councilman Marvin Humphreys believes the Trenton ordinance should mirror language that’s already in state law with some tweaking. The ordinance is expected to offer a broad definition of public places. Some think public view means any location, outside a residence, as people are free to move about. There also was discussion to have public places also include drivers and passengers of motor vehicles.

It was indicated there could be some allowance for businesses to have the option to designate a marijuana usage area like some do that allow cigarette smoking but only in specific rooms.

Discussion is expected to continue at future meetings of the Trenton Administrative Committee and/or the Trenton City Council as a proposed ordinance will be drafted for review.

Present at city hall for the marijuana usage discussion were Councilmen Danny Brewer and Glen Briggs; city administrator Ron Urton, city clerk Cindy Simpson, and Police Chief Rex Ross. Participating via zoom were Councilman Marvin Humphreys and Mayor Linda Crooks.

The Missouri Department of Revenue has clarified the local option…

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