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Almost everyone in Union has heard of the medical marijuana debate; however, most people in Union have not had a chance voice their opinions on the subject. Last week, a public hearing apparently occurred at the Union Community Center where only 50 residents voiced their opinions on medical marijuana use. The Union Board of Mayor and Alderman will both attempt to make a decision (if they have not already) on allowing medical marijuana “cultivation, processing and distribution within the city limits” (Maze). While their decision may appear to reflect the wishes of the Union community, Union residents deserve to have an opportunity to form an opinion on this issue based on current scholarly research; the Union Board of Mayor and Alderman should also realize that the public hearing may not accurately reflect the wishes of Union residents.

As reported by Brent Maze in last week’s edition of The Newton County Appeal, many residents opposed medical marijuana without considering the actually medical benefits of cannabis. Before one can understand the benefits of medical marijuana, one must first understand what constitutes this medicine. According to Dr. Peter Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School, most medicinal marijuana proves highly effective in controlling chronic pain that many millions of Americans (including several Union residents) deal with every day. For example, medical marijuana seems…

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