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Using Cannabis Responsibly

Using cannabis responsibly it can be risky and it all depends on how you use it. Here is crucial information to keep yourself and others safe if you decide to use.

We support the consumption of cannabis in a responsible manner. We believe that the herb should improve one’s life rather than impede it. This way it helps individuals who use it responsibly in discovering that sweet spot.

Start of slow

Begin with a relatively small amount of THC strain and see how it affects you before moving on to a higher doses  and higher THC levels. Because current marijuana strains have larger levels of THC, cannabis levels are much higher than they use to be. The stronger the impacts on your brain and behavior, the higher the THC level.

Cannabis affects people in different ways. These include gender, prior use, the method of usage, and the strength of the cannabis are all factors to consider. Even a single dose of THC, especially if you are not a regular user, can impair your ability to drive, operate machinery, or do other activities.

While a single dose of marijuana is roughly 10 mg of THC. It is recommended that you start with less than 10 mg and experiment how you react before increasing your dosage.  A single dose of wee regardless of the method used is equal to 10mg.

Be Careful With Edibles

First-time and infrequent cannabis edible users should start with 5mg of THC . This is about half a dose to see how they react before increasing their amount.

To avoid going excessively high, be careful and time your usage. It takes the typical individual 30 minutes to feel anything at all. And up to 2 hours to feel the full effect of one dose, so be careful and pace your use.

When you consume too much marijuana edibles too quickly, you run the danger of becoming overly high and developing marijuana toxicity. Using edibles is a critical factor in using cannabis responsibly

Other ways to Maintain Responsibility

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t use cannabis.

THC and other cannabis compounds can reach children in the womb and through breast milk after delivery. Using cannabis during this time can lead to cognitive, social, and motor problems in children.

Alcohol and Cannabis Don’t Mix.

Drinking alcohol before using cannabis can raise the likelihood of a negative experience. And mixing cannabis with alcohol in general can increase the likelihood of a negative experience.

  • All cannabis products should be kept in their original childproof packaging. Never use cannabis around children.
  • Secondhand cannabis smoke has the same amounts of THC and other toxic compounds found in tobacco smoke. Which can cause a second-hand high and respiratory difficulties.
  • Regularly using cannabis in your teens and early twenties might permanently alter your brain and damage your memory, learning, and attention.
  • Though you may believe that using cannabis makes you more awake. THC can impair your judgement, coordination, and reaction speed, which can lead to driving accidents.

Be Aware of Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabinoids (K2, spice, spike) are created by spraying chemicals on another type of plant (not cannabis). They’re illegal, harmful, and have killed people in North America.








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