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Marijuana has often been associated with mental disorders and poor health. It has been considered a drug of abuse. How true is this? Does research work prove otherwise?

It turns out from research that marijuana does not pose any significant health threats. A research study by Madeline et al. from JAMA Psychiatry revealed that the use of cannabis for a period of 20 years would only cause periodontal illnesses but no other health complication in the early middle age. Some of the prominent benefits of marijuana are herein discussed.

  1. Helps lower the level of blood sugar: Research has shown that marijuana helps in the regulation of blood sugar by regulating the user’s weight.
    Research reveals that Recreational marijuana users have lower chances of contracting diabetes.

  2. Regulates weight loss and body metabolism: A 2004 research showed that 57.4% of cannabis users in the study had lower BMI, fasting insulin and fat levels. Marijuana users have a lower chance of becoming obese. Specifically 56% lower chance. 

  3. Marijuana Alleviates Depression: Depression inhibits endocannabinoids production in the body. Marijuana use is a perfect way of supplementing the lack of endocannabinoids. It helps the body recover from depression through a restoration of homeostasis. Weed helps relieve stress as well. Stress is a major contributor of depression.

  4. Cannabis is said to slow Alzheimer’s development: Published research on Alzheimer’s disease shows that THC, a major marijuana ingredient, has therapeutic benefits for Alzheimer’s. This is due to the presence of antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities in Marijuana.

  5. Marijuana Relieves Arthritis: Arthritis is touted as one of the major contributors to physical disability. THC, the main ingredient in Marijuana, has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. CBD, a cannabinoid in Marijuana that is not psychoactive, assists in regulation of autoimmune conditions such as arthritis.

  6. Marijuana has potential to cure chronic pains: Chronic pains are responsible for diminishing life quality and a nonproductive citizenry. Cannabis assists in alleviation of pain when taken orally or topically. Marijuana could also assist in alleviating the necessity of addictive opioids.

  7. Can assist in solving eating disorders: The urge to remain beautiful and slender has contributed to increased eating disorders. Cannabis is said to help solve conditions such as bulimia. Marijuana also arouses appetite to help people suffering anorexia.

  8. Reduces PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder): People suffering PTSD can find relief from using marijuana. Cannabis helps alleviate anxiety and stress characteristic in people suffering PTSD. Marijuana also minimizes the need to consume pharmaceuticals and opioids that have dangerous side effects.

  9. Reduces Nausea: Cannabis helps reduce stomach aches and regulate digestive processes. By calming brain receptors Marijuana helps control feelings that result to nausea.

  10. CBD reduces seizures: CBD is an ingredient in marijuana that works to substantially minimize severity and frequency of seizures.

Marijuana is quickly moving from being considered an illegal drug to being hailed as a wellness and health well being remedy. Recent studies from JAMA psychiatry show that extended use of cannabis does not in any way affect the user’s health.


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