Vaping CBD Causes More Severe Lung Damage Than Vaping Nicotine, Roswell Park Study ShowsPosted by On

  • Vaping CBD linked to increased inflammation & oxidative stress vs. nicotine
  • Health effects evident after short-term exposure
  • Findings underscore importance of asking patients about all forms of smoking

Newswise — BUFFALO, N.Y. — Vaping cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in marijuana, leads to more severe lung damage than vaping nicotine, according to a study out of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Until now, research on the health effects of vaping, or using e-cigarettes, has focused almost exclusively on vaping nicotine as opposed to CBD. Previous research has documented the effects of smoking cannabis, but the effects of vaping cannabinoids such as CBD were not previously known.

Led by Yasmin Thanavala, PhD, of the Department of Immunology, the Roswell Park team has conducted the first study comparing the pulmonary effects of acute inhalation of vaporized CBD and nicotine. The results are shared in a new research paper, “Not all vaping is the same: differential pulmonary effects of vaping cannabidiol versus nicotine,” published in the journal Thorax.

Vaping involves using a device that heats a liquid containing nicotine or other substances, such as CBD, to create an aerosol that can be inhaled. For this study, the team compared two commercial vaping products: a CBD product containing 50 mg/mL of CBD (natural flavoring), dissolved in a solution of medium chain triglycerides — fats derived from coconut or palm oils; and a nicotine product containing 5.0%…

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