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Vaping or Smoking Cannabis – There is a misconception that smoking cannabis is not as dangerous as smoking tobacco. I’m not talking about the CBD or THC found in cannabis, but the smoke itself. Cannabis smoke is a carcinogen, the fact remains that marijuana smokers do not smoke the same amount of joints as a pack a day cigarette smoker.

The most destructive impact of cannabis smoking is the inhalation of smoke that users expose themselves to very time they light up. This method of lighting up is a fast and easy way of releasing the compounds that give cannabis its high. Unfortunately the effects of burning cannabis and inhaling it in this manner causes significant damage to the respiratory system. This smoke delivers the same damaging carcinogens and harmful chemicals as that of tobacco. The most immediate impact is damage to the windpipe and lungs due to the tar and carcinogens found in the smoke.

Enter the Vaporizer

But there are other alternative forms of marijuana delivery other than smoking, a vaporizer is designed to heat cannabinoids to their optimal temperature. Cannabis reaches its combustion temperature which is estimated at 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Cannabinoids will start to vaporize at 280 degrees.

This form of heating tends to completely eliminate all the harmful chemicals that are associated with burning weed. In regards to health benefits and getting the maximum hit for your dollar, speed of delivery, the vaporizer wins hands down.

Vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes are well documented, smoking cigarette tobacco is more dangerous than smoking cannabis. But there are several reasons why cannabis smokers should seriously consider switching from smoking cannabis to vaporizing.

The benefits to Vaping

Discreet in size and odor

  • The scents associated with burning are greatly diminished when vaping. While the odor is not entirely eliminated it’s discreet smell and appearance, the odor does not stay as long or is as noticeable. The smell of weed is still there, but is a lot more discreet.

Increased Flavor

  • Many user describe “ increase in flavor notes” and from my experience there is definitely a much cleaner, clearer and flavor enhanced notes.


  • As we wrote in the beginning of this article and our main reason for switching to vaping are the health benefits.

More money in your pocket

  • Vaping is a much cheaper alternative to smoking. Vaping has a long burn process which takes time to burn and happens over a longer period of time. Smoking cannabis burns quickly and doesn’t provide the full THC and CBD benefits. Vaping has a one time cost which is the initial purchase of a vaporizer.

Price and designed

  • Vape pens come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The average cost of a vape normally costs at about $25 to $30 and can run up to several hundred dollars. Depending on the amount of cannabis you smoke you will definitely come out a winner in the long run, as well as a very happy smoker.

With all the benefits, it is evident that switching to vaporizing is a great choice. More and more people are switching over which is proof of the popularity of these devices in the marketplace.

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