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Vaping Products To Avoid

The market for vaping products has increased exponentially but user need to know what vaping product to avoid.  Vaping is a great way to consume cannabis, but there are some vaping products to avoid. The increased popularity, of both legal and knock-off vaping products. Has fueled a crisis in public health that has unnerved the medical community.

According to federal health officials, about 12 individuals have died in unknown respiratory illnesses. Which are directly linked with vaping products with approximately 800 people being hospitalized in 46 States.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that most of the people affected have reported using THC-containing vapors.

But not all instances of the vapor-related respiratory illnesses have yet been connected. With any single drug or product according to the CDC.

Refrain from buying Black Market Products

The CDC is asking on consumers to refrain from buying e-cigarettes from the black market. Or purchasing any vaping products not produced by reputable manufacturers until they have more data. These are vaping products top avoid purchasing.

Over the past year the largest e-cigarette manufacturer in the country. Juul, has been under pressure for reportedly marketing their products to minors. Juul is now caught up in the crisis of public health.

Although federal government authorities are more inclined to blame illicit or black-market products.

The FDA has been struggling to control what has quickly become a billion-dollar black market business. With thousand of vaping products on the market and no federal regulations. Manufacturers are sprouting up everywhere. Americans have access to all these illicit THC vapor pens. Without understanding what they are buying or what the ingredients are.

What to do for now

We have written on previous blog articles on mmpconnect about purchasing 3rd party tested and approved products. Yes, there are cheaper vaping products in the market. It’s easier to buy your oil from the guy at the corner street or convenience store.

We suggest that for the time being you do not vape. However, if you still want to start or continue vaping. We suggest that you make sure you purchase your products from a reputable dispensary or manufacturer.

There is a considerably lower risk if you are vaping marijuana in a dried herb form. Rather than the concentrated vaping liquid that is now in question.

To be completely safe until authorities are done with their investigations and shed a light to the problem. Why not just roll an old-fashioned joint kick back, relax and enjoy!


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