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Vaporizer or Bong we want you to compare the facts and help you make your personal choice.

A bong is a tool that’s used to smoke various substances. Bong gets filled with water at the bottom which is then used to cool the thick smoke that passes through and gets inhaled. Since its invention, bongs have become the most favored method of smoking due to its ease of use.

Vaporizers are designed to make smoking cannabis on the go healthier and more discrete, they range from discreet vape pens to powerful tabletop models, so there’s something available for everyone. What’s the best one for you?


Vaporizers have been around for years, but only the recent modern vaping has got more attention. When vaping, heat is applied to a liquid to form vapor that is then inhaled. The vapor created is usually odorless and has traces of nicotine in it. There are many manufacturers of vaporizers in the market, and as such the market is saturated with all forms of vaporizers. Vaping shops, dispensaries and online vaping stores supply all you need for vaping and continue to open up new locations. As well as the vaporizers they sell all kinds of vaping liquid flavors.

Vaporizers have also evolved into vape pens. The vape pen is light, discrete easy to use and take with you anywhere. With Vape Pens you can still fully enjoy the benefits of whatever substance you are smoking. The effects of vaping are mild as compared to smoking the desired substance. While still allowing you to get high depending on the amount of substance you choose to vape on.

With vaporizers you vaporize the active ingredients and are left with what looks like fine breadcrumbs, which you can then cook with it, or make hash oil, essentially getting every last part out of it.

Vaporizers come in a range of prices, depending on your individual needs, you also get more for your marijuana when you vape. You can re-vape over and over until nothings is left to come out. Compared to when you burn it, you risk losing some as smoke or just not being able to extract as much as you possibly can.


Bongs are the most common form of consuming cannabis, and are closely related to the hookah. Bongs have been around for many centuries far longer than vaporizers have been. Obviously evolving with times and slowly being perfected. Bongs are more popular with people who smoke tobacco or herbs. Bongs are often made out of glass, plastic or ceramic and have a large pipe that people use to inhale the smoke from. The main parts of a bong consists of a mouthpiece, stem, chamber, and bowl which is usually made from metal so as to allow for heating of the substance that is to be smoked. Bongs allow for the quick inhalation of large amounts of smoke to the users lungs. Smoking out of a bong will give you a bigger hit than the other way of smoking. The best material for bong smoking is a glass bong it can be easily cleaned and you can clearly see any harmful residuals that might build up.

Comparing Vaporizers and Bongs

  • Vaporizers or Bongs can be found almost everywhere, but bongs are more popular probably because of the price difference.
  • While both vaporizers or bong will make you high, vaporizers can make you feel quite high faster with a less weed used as compared to bongs.
  • Smoking through vaporizers lets you inhale clean smoke while using a bong allows for inhalation of chemicals. Vaping is much healthier for you. The amount of potentially dangerous chemicals is very low or not even present.
  • Vaporizers are much more expensive than bongs.
  • Whatever substance you use, bongs consume a larger supply of weed than vaporizers which consume a much lesser quantity.
  • Bongs use water to filter out smoke while vaporizers don’t require any water as they don’t produce smoke but rather produce vapor.
  • Bongs are larger in size than vaporizers making it difficult to carry the bong around everywhere.

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