VIDEO: Senator Ledama Olekina records himself in a large Marijuana plantation telling government to legalise it!Posted by On

Narok senator Ledama Olekina on Tuesday September 22, 2020 shared a video of himself in a large marijuana plantation.

The ODM lawmaker through in the video that was posted on his official Twitter account is seen in the middle of a large plantation with marijuana that has grown taller to an extend of covering him up.

While noting that he had been hosted by someone on the farm, the lawmaker said that the farm’s owner had revealed to him that the plants are used for construction and medicinal purposes.

Senator Olekina used the opportunity to express his disappointment to the Kenyan government, wondering why the crop has not yet been legalised in the country.

While noting that one can actually get high from smoking marijuana, Olekina said that the government should look at the fact that marijuana can be used to relieve pain in cancer patients.

In the video, the lawmaker want the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led government to look at the medicinal aspect and legalise…

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