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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Vietnamese student surnamed Wu (武, Ngô) was caught utilizing an international parcel service to transport drugs from Vietnam to Taiwan, according to the Aviation Police Bureau and Taipei Customs Bureau announcement on Tuesday (Dec. 26).

Authorities had seized two different parcels on July 20 containing what was billed as 17 cans of matcha green tea powder, which was a disguise to conceal the Class-2 narcotic, marijuana. The drug weighed 1,168 grams and 1,002 grams, respectively.

After checking parcel records, they found the recipient was located in Shenkeng District, New Taipei City. They contacted the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office to investigate, per CNA.

A task force’s preliminary investigation found that the recipient of the package was to be a man named Wu. Later, it was found that the consignee had signed for multiple international parcels and had actively tracked the status of such shipments.

Vietnamese student in New Taipei nabbed for transporting marijuana

Suspect nabbed for participation in marijuana smuggling ring. (Aviation Police Bureau photo)

The police had monitored the individual for many days, finding that he was a Vietnamese student studying in Taiwan and…

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