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Wana Brand Sour Gummies



20160222_182632These Sour Gummies made by Wana Brands are the perfect medicine for pain control.  Each bag contains 200 mg. of THC infused gummies, about 12 mg. per piece.  One piece is all you need to get the effect, though people with higher tolerances can consume more.  Retails for $18.00 in Colorado dispensaries.  A medical marijuana registry card is required to purchase these gummies.  Also available in 100 mg. packages for recreational.  Available in Oregon now as well, and soon coming to Nevada.


They come in an assortment of flavors, or new peach or watermelon flavor.  Now available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica forms.  These gummies are discreet and perfect for an on-the-go-lifestyle and for places where you can’t smoke.  Visit their website at


Here is their new marketing graphic:


Important Update:

The Wana Brand Sour Gummies have updated their product.  The 200 mg. bag now Contains 10 pieces of 20 mg. each…I bought some of the Sour Gummies-Hybrid variety and was pleasantly surprised.  They not only help with the pain and appetite, they help you focus during the day (well they helped me).  They are a little pricey at regular price, but once again I got mine on sale at one of my dispensary’s 30% off sales.  The Bag of Gummies (10 pieces) retails for $18.00 in Colorado Dispensaries on the Medical Side.  I’m not sure what they go for in the Recreational Shops, best to add 27% to $18.00 for a ball park figure. Regards, Ed

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Author Info:

Ed Sanders is a medical marijuana patient in Colorado Springs, CO and has been on the Colorado Marijuana Registry for ten years. Ed smokes 2 ounces a month and also takes edibles to control his pain. Ed has successfully gotten off of morphine and oxycodone and treats his symptoms exclusively with medical cannabis.

9 Comments on Wana Brand Sour Gummies

Ed-Sanders said : subscriber Report 8 months ago

The gummies now retail for $20 a bag of 200 mg. (10 pieces)

Ed Sanders said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

I added an addendum to this review as this product has changed since my initial review

Ed-Sanders said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Wana has just announced that their gummies and products are now available in Nevada for order

Stacey said : subscriber Report one year ago

I have the opportunity to try these tomorrow. I'll evaluate them then.

officerdickdowney said : subscriber Report one year ago

Thanks for the info.

Ed Sanders said : subscriber Report one year ago

I'm in Colorado, they are branching to Oregon and Nevada real soon I'm told.

Mark Anderson said : subscriber Report one year ago

Hi Ed, just curious what state thee are sold in? Thanks.

Ed said : subscriber Report one year ago

Thank you.

Advocate tim said : subscriber Report one year ago

Thanks for this perfect review

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