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Wana Sour Gummies-Strawberry CBD/THC 10:1

Hello Friends,

We have the interesting problem of a senior citizen who is in pain and has inflammation of the shoulder to deal with.  She has been indoctrinated to be against and be afraid of cannabis her whole life.  Now at age 87 she is finally willing to try cannabis as an alternative treatment to her opium based drugs.  “Granny” has been afraid to take regular gummies because she doesn’t wish to get high.  I found some that may be suitable for her.

These Wana Brand (site is age tested) gummies contain 10:1 CBD to THC, so each piece is 20 Mg. of CBD and 2 Mg. of THC.  This is considered a low dose of THC.  The delicious strawberry flavor is a good incentive for her to try them.

The gummies come packaged in child-resistant plastic bottle, and have an inner plastic bag which is re-sealable for freshness.  This product retails for $25.  We were able to receive a 25% discount as the first Saturday of the Month sale at Best Budz, so the final cost was $18.75 including tax.  Colorado charges a 2.9% tax on medical cannabis, must lower than the 27% tax on recreational cannabis.  The package contains a total of 200 Mg. CBD/20 Mg. of THC.  Recreational products are available in Colorado and now in Arizona, Oregon and Nevada as well, in 100 Mg. packages.

The effects of taking a single dose lasts for 3-4 hours, and the onset of relief is about half an hour after ingesting the gummy.  I recommend placing it sub-lingually in the mouth for faster ingestion.  The flavor of strawberry is achieved with all natural flavors, and the gummies are also gluten free and use vegan ingredients.

Wana Brands is among the industry leaders in edible products for the cannabis consumer.  With new flavors on the market they are available in 4 states so far their infused products are a clear favorite of mine.

We plan to give Granny a package of these gummies to try for her pain and inflammation.  I will sit with her for several hours and make sure she doesn’t become loopy.  We expect good results from this trial of the gummies.  Since CBD is not hallucinogenic we are assuming that 2 Mg. of THC will not harm her in any way.

I will post an update of the results of our trial of these gummies on Granny.  Cheers and have a nice day.  Ed

Update:  Granny is doing much better.  After a couple of days on the gummies she is reporting that her pain is gone and she is able to sleep again.  We will continue the treatment and see how she does in the longer term. 


Author Info:

Ed Sanders is a medical cannabis patient for more than ten years on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Program and lives in Colorado Springs, CO. My dispensary of choice is Best Budz of Colorado Springs and I am an advocate for medical cannabis in all its forms.

2 Comments on Wana Sour Gummies-Strawberry CBD/THC 10:1

mmjmedstore said : subscriber Report 3 months ago

It helped my mother as well

Ed Sanders said : Report 3 months ago

Granny is reporting reduced pain and the ability to sleep once again. Seems like the gummies did the trick for her.

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