WATCH: Massive Cannabis Plantation Put Out of Business Near Be’er Sheva | The Jewish Press – | Hana Levi Julian | 26 Tammuz 5779 – July 29, 2019Posted by On

Photo Credit: courtesy, Regavim

Looks like a well-watered young forest, perhaps in Oregon, right? This is an illicit cannabis plantation, discovered by Regavim activists growing right in the middle of the Be’er Sheva Stream Canyon.

On Sunday, one week after members of the Regavim NGO field team uncovered massive cannabis plantations comprised of tens of thousands of plants cleverly camouflaged in the riverbed of the Be’er Sheva Stream, the Israel Police and the Green Police Squad destroyed dozens of fields and hothouses with the help of bulldozers and additional heavy machinery.

Unlike other cannabis-growing operations uncovered from time to time in the Tze’elim area with the help of airplane or drone surveillance, the Be’er Sheva Canyon “plantations” cannot be seen from the air because the riverbed remains green year round, thanks to the sewage that flows into the canyon from the Judean city of Hebron.

This makes it difficult to detect the growers’ activity because the…

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