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cannabis plant is soil

It was featured by the Ontario Cannabis Store as one of three retailers that made their mark in 2020.

But Radostits said COVID-19 took its toll on their aspirations to build the brand in Ontario.

Its opening on March 14 was overshadowed by concern. Then, thousands of post-secondary students moved home.

Cannabis stores were forced to close in early April after not making the list of essential businesses that could remain open, and with the store being new it didn’t qualify for any federal or provincial government subsidy programs.

This left the business with no option but to lay off 25 of 28 staff.

“We quickly pivoted and focused the business to online sales. We rebuilt our website and bolted together a fully operational online retail offering and started selling online,” Radostits said.

“As things changed, we changed, but we stayed alert and vigilant.”

The store partnered with other “open but struggling”…

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