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If you want to consume marijuana the next thought that comes to your mind after getting the weed itself is how to consume it. There are many methods of smoking. So if you are looking to smoke weed while listening to your favorite high music or stoner movies, Below are various techniques you can use.

Marijuana Pipe

There are some smokers that believe the best way to smoke their marijuana is by using the pipe. They see this as a kind of smoker religion.

Pipes are an essential kit for your stoner adventure. They offer opportunities to take your weed in a quick and easy way. They are not really expensive and you can get them for around $5 at most stores in your neighborhood.


Blunts are marijuana wrapped in cigar paper made from the tobacco plant. Although there have been reported cases of health risk, most people that consume blunt are fascinated by the feelings they get from the blend of weed and nicotine.

Also, blunt last longer and you can easily roll them. Other reasons people smoke blunt could be because they can roll a lot of weed in them and share with friends. While smoking blunt, it’s important you know that it contains tobacco and this can make it a less healthy way of smoking marijuana.


A joint is a simple way of smoking that gives you the same pleasure you’ll get from other ways. Smokers joint are easily accessible all around and it’s easy to get papers to roll up. Also, you don’t need to be a pro before rolling joint like one. It doesn’t take time to roll and I can say it’s another go to choice to enjoy your smoke.


If you’re someone who enjoy smoking in a large quantity, bongs are the ideal method for you. They have different sizes and shapes and you can get the size that will contain as much weed as you want.

The water the bong contains has a beneficial effect. It acts like a filter by reducing the resin that may be present. The water also helps to cool off the bong.


Vaporizers work by heating the marijuana to help you enjoy the THC without necessarily producing flame. This method of consumption might not be considered as smoking in the real sense. If you love to get high, vaporizer can produce that effect because it allows you full access to the THC present in the marijuana.


Hookah is not commonly used as a way of smoking marijuana. It’s mostly used for wet tobacco like shisha. If you want to try smoking marijuana with hookah, consider having it in large quantity. Due to the low moisture content of marijuana it tends to burn so quickly in hookah and might give some unusual tastes.

One reason you may want to smoke marijuana using hookah is that it allows different marijuana users to smoke at the same time and this can produce a different smoking experience.

In conclusion, there are several ways to enjoy your marijuana and the points listed above are just some of them. Also while trying to enjoy your smoke, consider smoking in a way that has less health risks.


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