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We Voted on This

I just heard Jeff Sessions, the presumed new Attorney General, say that Americans should get the law changed if they don’t want him to crack down on legal marijuana.  WTF does he think we’ve been doing all this time?  In Colorado we changed the law with two constitutional amendments; Amendment 20 legalized medical marijuana in the year 2000, and Amendment 64 was passed in 2012 legalizing recreational sales effective January 1, 2014.

The new Attorney General needs to know that we have already voted on it here, and expect you to respect the people’s vote and leave our state alone in future.  My friend, a Trump supporter, insists that Donald Trump’s view is that the state’s rights should take precedence over federal law.  I searched his website and can find no such statement.  All we have to go on is what he said in a political speech at a rally.  The Trump website gives no position on the matter so important to the medical marijuana patient.

By appointing an avowed prohibitionist like Sessions, in my mind, Trump has shown his hand in keeping prohibition by his appointment.

I for one will not stand for my medication to be taken away from me, a medication I might add which competes with other interests, namely big pharmaceuticals and the alcohol industries.

I urge everyone reading this to contact your senators and strongly suggest that they vote against the Attorney General’s nomination.  You can contact them easily from HERE.


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Ed is an advocate for medical marijuana in Colorado Springs, CO.

5 Comments on We Voted on This

tomotsu said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Yeah I still have yet to figure this one out. But let's be real. There's never been a president who followed through by their promises, has their? I mean. I've only been in the US since 2011. Obama had his chance. and didn't do it and from what I know he amped up the DEA and government big time. Obama was essentially Bush 2.0. I've always voted Libertarian. I don't like Democrats and I don't don't agree with (most) of what Republicans offer.

cyberbumJB said : administrator Report 2 years ago

Well said!

detroit meds said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

It would be a political nightmare if he went after medical states

tokensam said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

Sessions... Help us all...

Empire State 420 said : Guest Report 2 years ago

We're hoping your new year's off to a great start, despite our looming Sessions troubles…

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