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Weed for Veterans

I have been trying since before the election to get Weed for Veterans into mt. I have talked to congressman zinke <fageddabouttit!> his attitude towards cannabis is stuck on it being a gateway drug 60 or 70’s mentality! Now senator  tester and daines both responded to me and tester said he would look into it! Since they have an office in Kalispell, mt where I live I will be going there to check and see if he has checked it out! This is an organization that gives cannabis to   veterans  that have problems and are in the medical cannabis program, since a lot of veterans are on  limited monetary budgets< we mostly all poor> they do this as a service to those who served!

I am capable of growing dank cannabis, dispensarys have asked to buy from me before! I have said I will donate 4 days a week to growing for  that organization and have expressed myself to them about establishing  a chapter here! Weed for Veterans have not responded to me as of yet!

I am not the brightest bulb in the pack and if anybody know how to reach this organization, or has any ideas on how I can influence my senator to act on this I and many other veterans will be most appreciative!~ TY all in advance for any and all help ! Free the Weed Free the People!img_0578

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