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Another watermain has burst in the Wellington CBD.

This one is at 38 Waring Taylor Street.

Wellington Water are calling it a “burst service connection.”

The problem was reported at 11am, when Wellington Water said:

The area affected is unknown and we have not yet turned the water off.

An hour later, there were no updates from Wellington Water.

Another burst water main, this one in Lyall Bay, was also being repaired by a crew from Wellington Water this morning. It was outside 9 Hungerford Road. Wellington Water reported:

They’re working to fix this as soon as they can and are awaiting urgent markouts and traffic control before the excavation process can begin.

Yesterday afternoon a burst pipe cut the water supply to 250 homes in Houghton Bay. Wellington Water said it would be a “complex repair.” But at 10pm they expected the water supply would be restored by 11.30.

The Post reported that local residents said the Wellington City Council had ignored 13 days of requests to fix a leak near their homes, resulting in an explosion and a “waterfall” flowing down their street and down a bush-covered embankment. They said they believed the leak was connected to the installation of a pressure reduction valve on Houghton Bay Road several weeks ago. Soon after workers turned up yesterday to fix the leak, there was “a huge explosion” and the area underneath the footpath affected by the leak had been blown out. Work then began to fix the pipe…

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