Westport Town Meeting prohibits recreational marijuana salesPosted by On

Supporters say ban will allow Planning Board to study zoning but selectman warns of lawsuit

WESTPORT — It looks like prohibition of non-medical marijuana is back in town.

Town Meeting voters Saturday morning approved two articles that will prohibit the sales of non-medical pot.

One article will help enact a ban again while the other will prevent medical facilities from expanding into non-medical sales.

These votes come less than eight months after a Town Meeting in February voted to lift a ban on non-medical pot.

Supporters of this ban said on Saturday that a ban — or moratorium on non-medicinal marijuana — will allow the Planning Board to study zoning issues pertaining to siting marijuana facilities.

Former Selectman R. Michael Sullivan said legalization of non-medical pot within town is inevitable but a prohibition for now could help town planners “do their job” and zone it properly. Sullivan said the Planning Board was working on zoning issues in the winter…

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