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autoflowering cannabis strains

Autoflowering cannabis strains are the easiest types of weed plants to grow, they switch automatically from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with time. Compared to photo-period dependent short day strains which require a ratio of light to dark hours.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are the most popular with beginner growers. Auto cannabis strains don’t require the same level of quality of care as the other strains.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are a mix of indica or sativa plants which were crossed with the ruderalis plant. The ruderalis cannabis plant is situated in areas with short summers, and starts blooming automatically in a short 2 to 3 weeks. Numerous autoflowering cannabis strains are normally ready for harvest in less than 10 weeks from the time they are planted.

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Autoflowering characteristics

  • Newly produced strains of autoflowering cannabis strains can produce quality medicine with a high CBD content.
  •  Many autoflowering strains have THC content in the mid teen to low 20% range, some newer varieties can go even higher.
  • Short life span with seeds reaching harvest in under 13 weeks, and some at 8 weeks
  • Can be kept short in stature for “concealed” growing
  • The Cannabis ruderalis heritage flowers after 2–3 weeks from germination
  • No need for a separate vegetative and flowering environment (unlike with photo-period dependent short-day strains)
  • One plant can produce several hundred seeds even at a height of 1 foot (30.5cm) tall
  • Due to Short life span making it great for growing in cold climates where summers are short and cold
  • Can produce multiple harvests outdoors in one season

A concern with autoflowering strain is they produce less of a yield than other types of strains somewhere in the vicinity of half an ounce per plant. As well the cannabinoid content of their yield may also be less potent than regular strain cannabis.

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