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Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is a concentrate produced without solvents extracted by ice water. Bubble Hash consists of thousand of trichome glands which resemble granulated brown sugar crystals. If they are squeezed together they take on the appearance of traditional hash.

Bubble Hash, which is also referred to as ‘ice hash,’ involves agitating the cannabis plant material in ice-filled water. This breaks up the trichomes which are then filtered through a micro screen.

This form of cannabis tests regularly with 30-60% THC concentrate.

How To Use

Bubble Hash comes in an almost brittle coarse salt like texture. In certain cases, it can range in colour from light yellow to red and even black. The lighter the shade, the better the Bubble Hash quality.

The proper way to use Bubble Hash is to sprinkle some on either your joint or on top of your bowl or pipe. This will provide you with an extra kick to the already cannabis strain you will be consuming.

Unlike other extracts BH is produced without solvents. The vast majority of concentrates are extracted from solvents like butane, CO2, alcohol, ethanol and propane.


Micron screen size is the most significant factor in determining the quality of your bubble hash.

The greater the size of the screen, the more pollutants will pass through, diminishing the quality. Bubble Hash that is sifted in smaller screens contributes to the production of a greater pure resin.

Lowest Quality

The lowest quality is usually trim processed BH. While high-quality bubble hash is usually of outstanding quality, it is very hard to find. Trim processed bubble hash is commonly dark and needs to be burned longer.

Highest Quality

Bud processed from whole buds typically produces the highest quality BH. The use of buds is no guarantee of quality, but the chances are better when starting with buds that a superior product will be produced.


When compared to other concentrates BH is not as strong. With a THC content of between 30-60% many other solvent-based concentrates are much more potent. The majority of solvent-based extracts are within 60 % to 90% range.

Though BH is one of the lowest concentrates in regards to THC content. It ranks amazingly high in terpenes where research shows terpenes are much more critical than ever thought.

As we wrote earlier BH is not the strongest concentrate compared to shatter or wax which can go as high as 90% THC.


Fast acting and intense is a good way to describe the Bubble Hash immediate effects. We do not recommend adding it to your joint, bong or pipe, if you are just starting out using cannabis.

With a classic relaxing buzz, the results can be felt instantly. Soft sensation that can be felt in addition to the head around the body. There is no “hangover effects” when smoking Bubble Hash the main reason for this if that it is solvent-less with pure THC.

  • Here are some effects that can also be felt.
  • A sense of peace and relaxation.
  • A sense of warmth or joyfulness.
  • Improved emotional connection.
  • Increased sensations, such as vision hearing and taste.
  • The impression that time has slowed down.
  • A passive feeling.
  • Improved social interactions.
  • Reduction of anxiety shyness and fear.

Side Effects

Bubble Hash side effects are much like cannabis and may have a mental and physical influence. Here are some possible side effects.

  • Distortions of the senses.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and cramps in the stomach.
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Possible panic attacks depending on strain


Due to all its unbelievable benefits BH will become an increasingly popular way of using cannabis. When used properly it can be a high-quality product that is comparable to a fine aged wine.

In the cannabis community it is generally accepted and proven that solvent less extracts are safer and cleaner to use. Bubble Hash has become the choice both for patients who are mindful of their own wellbeing. As well as for patients who suffer and require medical marijuana.

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