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Earlier this week, Attorney General Tim Griffin approved a ballot title that would expand medical marijuana. But what exactly does that mean for people in Arkansas?

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Once again, Arkansas could have the chance to vote on expanding marijuana use in the Natural State.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Tim Griffin approved the ballot title for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2024.

Arkansans had previously rejected recreational marijuana, two years ago. Now, there’s a new proposal to expand marijuana in the state that hopes to bring opposing sides to find common ground— protecting the medical program.

“We all sat down and said ‘OK what should the marijuana law in Arkansas look like,'” said Melissa Fults, Arkansas Cannabis Alliance Executive Director.

Big industry and small community organizations sat down to decide how to move forward with marijuana in the state.

“By the time we had our first meeting over with I think everybody realized we all want the same thing,” She added.

For Fults, that meant expanding the medical marijuana program.

The most recent amendment accepted by Attorney General Tim Griffin was…

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