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At global innovation and clinical research consultancy analyse & realize (www.a-r.com​) a core service is writing novel food dossiers, so Steffi Dudek, senior scientific consultant for the firm, is one of the best placed to provide predictions for the future of the market.

But she explains that no amount of expertise can predict what’s next in this market.

Where things stand today

CBD food products are ‘novel’ and therefore need to be assessed for safety before being placed on the market. They must be authorised to ensure they have been through an independent safety assessment.

Since Brexit, the regulatory process in Europe and the UK is divided with EFSA providing legislation for Europe and the FSA providing for the UK.

Both authorities provide lists of CBD products linked to novel food applications providing sufficient data to progress towards validation and safety assessment.  

In Europe, no CBD food product is allowed on the market unless authorised by EFSA. In the UK, brands applying or reapplying after 31 March 2021 should not put their products on the market until they are authorised. Those on the market and with their dossier sent in before this date can remain on the market unless removed from the list.

However, after beginning this process EFSA made an announcement last summer​ stating that its scientists cannot currently establish the safety of cannabidiol (CBD) as a novel food ​due to data gaps and uncertainties about potential hazards related to…

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