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What Should Businesses Do With Cannabis Waste?

The cannabis trade has recently experienced a massive boom due to states relaxing their laws. Weed-based businesses take many forms, from producing medical-grade marijuana to selling less-potent CBD products. No matter the purpose, all cannabis companies have one thing in common: they generate waste.

Those just joining the industry might have questions regarding recycling and disposal, and businesses need to know what to do with cannabis waste to avoid breaking any regulations. You should always check with local guidelines first; from there, explore these options to make the most of your excess product.

Compost Materials

Cannabis is a unique material because it is usually 100 percent organic, making it biodegradable and safe to introduce back into the environment. Instead of incinerating or dumping your waste, consider turning it into compost.

Cannabis adds essential nutrients to the soil to help plant life thrive, and using cannabis compost in your own growing practices will help you cut supply costs. You could also sell compost and nutrient-rich soil to farms and other manufacturers to boost your profits.

Recycle Waste

Did you know that some cannabis-based products are recyclable? Hemp items are completely repurposable and may add a valuable income stream to your business.

Companies can turn hemp into many different items, such as clothing, rope, bioplastic, and paper. Additionally, hemp is an excellent replacement for traditional fabric since it’s biodegradable. Just like compost, you can sell your raw hemp to manufacturers or create products to add to your business.

Use a Disposal Service

Navigating cannabis disposal laws is a tricky business; one wrong move could cost you thousands in fines and may even have legal ramifications. If businesses don’t know what to do with cannabis waste, they should use a specialized disposal service.

Waste professionals know the ins and outs of the industry. They are familiar with the laws in every state and can guide you through the best disposal practices for your area. If you can’t decide how to dispose of your excess product or feel uneasy about tackling it yourself, you need a waste cleanup company.

Companies across all sectors often forget about waste management, including cannabis businesses. However, just because it’s not glamourous doesn’t mean it’s any less important than your other practices. If you want to keep serving your community with helpful, high-quality cannabis products, be diligent about your disposal process.


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