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CBD oil, sometimes known as CBD tincture, is a liquid form of cannabidiol. It is a non-intoxicating compound produced by Cannabis sativa plants, including hemp. While it does not cause a mind-altering high, users say it induces a sense of calm and well-being. People also use it to help relieve symptoms like anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain.

Because of its versatility, CBD oil has become hugely popular. However, not all products are created equal. Here’s what to look for in a CBD oil tincture formula… and what to avoid.

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What to Look for in a CBD Oil Tincture Formula

The CBD industry is currently unregulated, meaning the market is flooded with poor-quality products. Therefore, knowing what to look for when making a purchase is essential. Here are the most crucial factors to consider.

Hemp Quality

To create a high-quality CBD oil, you need high-quality hemp. The plant grows well with little interference, so there is no need to use chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Look for brands that feature organically-grown, non-GMO hemp to ensure you are getting a CBD tincture that is clean, pure, and just as nature intended.

Extraction Method

There are several ways of extracting CBD from hemp plants. The best method is CO2 extraction, which uses carbon dioxide instead of a regular solvent. It is safe and environmentally friendly, and most importantly does not leave residual chemicals in the end product.

Avoid brands that use…

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