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Now that marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states, medical and recreational users alike are realizing the benefits of growing marijuana indoors at home. It’s more cost effective, you know exactly where your cannabis came from as well as it’s quality and you get the great satisfaction that comes with cultivating and consuming your own cannabis.

When growing marijuana indoors you have greater control over the environment and growing conditions. You also are able to keep your privacy intact and reduce certain risks. When you grow outside you are susceptible to a wide range of bug infestations as well as wild animals. You also risk upset neighbors, get targeted for theft and more. If you are concerned about your cannabis quality, your privacy and your safety growing indoors is your best option.

Having the proper area

When deciding to start growing indoors it is paramount that you have a proper area available. This can be anything from a spare room, basement or even a large walk-in closet. You want to be sure you have a dedicated area that will be free of pets, children, dust and or prying eyes.  You would also need to make sure that you are able to setup proper ventilation leading outside of your home. Cannabis is a potent plant and without the proper vents and filters your house will stink. Different states have different legal requirements when it comes to growing marijuana. Such as keeping the plants in an enclosed locked facility/area.  Be sure to do your research and follow your local laws.


Using grow tents

Using grow tents are a great option! They are relatively cheap and easy to setup, they will help keep your growing area clean and enclosed, you will be able to easily prevent bug infestations and more. They are usually easily tucked away in a basement or spare room. Grow tents will usually have a reflective inside lining helping your plants take in light in the most efficient way. Without a tent, most of the light coming from your lights will be wasted. Grow tents also provide all the necessary holes and flaps so you can attach vents and fans.

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Proper lighting

If you want to grow nice fat solid buds and high quality cannabis, one of the most important things you have to do is use proper grow lights. These are lights specially designed for growing plants indoors. Using the best grow lights ensures a healthy plant and a high quality end product. These lights are made to replicate the sun and the required light waves for growing plants.


As we briefing noted before setting up proper fans and vents are crucial to the health of your plants as well as controlling the smell that will be present. You need to make sure to have proper intake and outtake fans as well as equipping them with the proper filters to absorb and contain the smell. You will want to exhaust your vents to an area away from your grow area for example, through a basement window leading outside.

Always be sure to do thorough research and invest in the proper equipment. Yes, it can be expensive to start and set everything up but it will be well worth it, It pays for itself in the end 10x over. These are just a few of the key things you should take into consideration when growing at home indoors. We encourage to read more on these topics and more. There are a lot of great resources, tutorials and guides out there. We wish you luck and success in your growing endeavors

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