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The Canadian Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau passed the Cannabis Act Bill C-45 in November 2017. The much-awaited bill was first banned in1923 and was legalised again in 2001. The legalisation is expected to be passed on 7th June 2018, but there is much to be debated over and has left the Senate in turmoil. On 1st June 2018, 40 amendments were proposed in the Bill; however, the Government have not published the regulations yet since it would need some time to prepare before fully implementing it, regarding sales, taxes, licensed production et al.

While all this is taking a lot of time, cannabis enthusiasts are trying their best to keep it readily available in the market, because cannabis is still considered a taboo. Numerous medical researchers have proven that marijuana causes lesser harm than alcohol and has more healing properties than damage.

Due to this, Marijuana Medical Access Regulations bill was passed for Canadians to obtain medical marijuana from Licensed Producers who shipped cannabis to different parts of the country through Canada Post.


Legalised or not, cannabis demand is growing each year, and the e-market is flooding with different brands of marijuana. While there are many risk factors while buying recreational marijuana products, Canadians are relying on mail order marijuana or MOM.

These MOM shops have recently become the safest and most popular means of attaining medical and recreational marijuana.


People prefer using an online method because it provides anonymity and privacy. Maybe you live in an area with no dispensaries, or you prefer the comfort of online shopping, MOMs offer you that facility. They dispatch your orders right to your doorstep, and they are discreet in their packaging and delivery. For medical or recreational, MOMs see the value of personal discretion. MOM shops also offer a safe mode of payment through Interac E-transfer that is untraceable.

Without legalisation, ordering marijuana for whatever reason is always a risk. Especially when you have paid a reasonable amount, the anticipation of safely receiving the package without getting into trouble with the law enforcers is dreadful. By using MOM, you are exempted from that stress until your package reaches your doorstep.


Packages from MOM are always vacuum sealed and shipped through Canada Post and Xpresspost. The ACMPR prevents any authority from attaining a warrant to check these packages unless it is a matter of national security. Even if the authorities seized these packages, there are no severe consequences. Usually, the client is informed about the seized package, and most MOMs offer 100% replacement or compensations.

Precautions are taken for the safest delivery to the customers and producers discretion because the process is not entirely legal yet. There is always an age disclaimer for these sites, and while ACMPR(Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation) opened a path for shipping marijuana, Canadians will have to continue ordering from MOM sites to receive the best variety of recreational marijuana until the Canadian Government pass the legalisation bill.



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