What Would Happen if Weed Became Federally Legalized in AmericaPosted by On

Where cannabis is concerned, this moment in American political culture appears to exemplify Hegel’s paradoxical unity of opposites. President Trump’s former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, rolled back Obama-era leniency with respect to federal marijuana law enforcement. Trump, meanwhile, has declared a national emergency, citing the flow of illegal drugs as well as migrants over the Mexican border as a pretext for building a wall. Yet in the same 2016 election that brought Trump to office, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada all voted to legalize cannabis. Last year they were joined by Vermont — the only state to legalize by an act of the legislature rather than popular referendum — and, in the November election, Michigan. This brings to 10 the number of states with legal cannabis, and the portion of the populace living in such states to well over 20%.

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