When Will Governor Polis Use His Mass Marijuana Pardon Power?Posted by On

A new law will go into effect on Sunday, September 27, giving Colorado’s governor the ability to mass-pardon those convicted in the state of possessing two ounces or less of marijuana. When he signed the bill on June 29, Governor Jared Polis confirmed that he would be using his new power.

But he never said when.

“We hope that this measure will be the first step toward new opportunities for thousands of Coloradans who should not be living with a cloud over their heads simply because they were a little ahead of their time,” he said at the signing ceremony.

Two days before his pardoning ability becomes official — and in the middle of National Expungement Week — we still don’t know when Polis will pardon these convicted offenders, many of whom still face obstacles obtaining employment, loans and housing because of their records, even though the crimes they were charged with are no longer considered crimes in Colorado.

Outgoing State Representative Jonathan Singer, who pushed for…

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