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Dear Stoner: Where has all the CBD gone? I loved high-CBD dabs and joints, but haven’t been able to find anything besides edibles since I started smoking weed again. I can barely even find high-CBD weed out there.

Dear Shawn: Extracting CBD from hemp is much cheaper than extracting it from marijuana, so dispensaries began carrying fewer CBD products after industrial hemp was legalized in 2018. When Colorado pot shops were allowed to sell edibles and vape products with hemp-derived CBD, that may have been the final blow. I told this to a reader who was looking for CBD rosin last year: Finding CBD flower is hard, finding quality extracts even harder, and finding live rosin almost impossible. But even if the CBD flower or concentrate sold online or at head shops isn’t high-grade, it’s more convenient than going to a dispensary…and convenience wins.

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Hemp-derived CBD pushed out the good stuff at dispensaries.

Jacqueline Collins

You can still find CBD strains at a few dispensaries by searching menu services like Jane, Leafly and Weedmaps, but CBD dabs will probably require creativity on your end. CBD strains aren’t attractive or lucrative for extractors, who strive for flavor, potency and customer appeal, none of which CBD concentrates currently offer. Here’s hoping you find a diamond in the rough or more cannabis brands hear your plea; I’m all for more options.

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