Wholesale Marijuana Prices in Colorado Continue Inching UpPosted by On

Wholesale marijuana prices in the state are slowly on the rise, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Starting April 1, the agency’s Marijuana Enforcement Division will update the average market rate (AMR) for commercial marijuana, the MED’s estimate for the average price of wholesale marijuana flower, trim, clones, seeds and parts of the plant used for extraction. These estimates are used to determine tax rates on the pot industry, and are updated several times a year.

How does this affect you, the shopper? The more expensive wholesale pot becomes, and the higher the taxes levied on it, the more you’re likely to pay at the dispensary.

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And the MED says that wholesale pot prices are continuing to grow — if just barely. According to the department’s estimates, a wholesale pound of commercial marijuana should cost an average $806 in April, while a…

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