Why did Kansas lawmakers put a hold on a medical marijuana bill? What happens next?Posted by On

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) — Just minutes before Thursday’s Senate Federal and States Affairs Committee meeting concluded, Senator Alicia Straub (R-Ellinwood) made a substitute motion was made to table Senate Bill 135, which would have effectively legalized medical marijuana in Kansas.

Sen. Straub said during the meeting the bill’s complexity made it too much to tackle in one week. Several opponents of the bill, including Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter, echoed those sentiments during the meeting.

“Our associations are opposed to the passage of SB 135,” Sheriff Easter said.

Sheriff Easter represented three law enforcement organizations: the Kansas Sheriffs’ Association, the Kansas Association of the Chiefs of Police, and the Kansas Peace Officers Association. During his testimony, Sheriff Easter said the state of Kansas cannot go down the path of neighboring states when it comes to medical marijuana.

“It is also clear that no other state going down this path has found the right balance needed to create taxes to properly fund enforcement and programs, including rehabilitation services,” Sheriff Easter said.

Another concern the sheriff addressed to the committee: How legalizing medical marijuana could impact safety on the roads.

“How much is too high?” Sheriff Easter asked the committee. “We know what the rate is for DUI: it’s over .08—we don’t know…

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