Why Garden City is where cannabis farms want to buildPosted by On

TOOWOOMBA’S temperate climate has long been a drawcard for the Garden City.

Now it’s drawing massive cannabis operations like Asterion and Medibis.

Medibis managing director Angus Chapel said when his company was doing studies and talking about setting up in Queensland, Toowoomba came out in front on energy calculations.

“Because you’re growing in a glasshouse, or even if you were growing indoor, the plant generates a lot of humidity through the photosynthesising effect,” he said.

“There’s natural humidity to deal with as well, and when you do the energy calculation, your single highest cost is controlling that.”

Mr Chapel said places like Brisbane “and all the way along the coast, in the summer season particularly” had too high a humidity to be feasible.

“If you don’t control it properly you end up with mould and if you have mouldy medicine you’re basically throwing it in the bin,” he said.

“When you look at the temperature profiles of Toowoomba over the…

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