Why Marijuana Legalization Is a Gateway Voting IssuePosted by On

The cannabis vote, a bloc largely made up of young people who might not vote otherwise, is still coveted in election season, even in Colorado. Several local ballots (those of Lakewood, Littleton and Broomfield, in particular) will include questions about allowing recreational cannabis sales, and both the presidential and congressional elections will have an impact on the future of federal pot legalization.

For the Cannabis Voter Project, though, the plant is just the tip of the iceberg.

A nonprofit that informs and registers people who are interested in cannabis issues, the Cannabis Voter Project uses pot legalization to encourage potential voters to take part in all of their democratic duties on election day, not just the weed-related ones. The organization is currently running campaigns in the five states voting on cannabis legalization this year — Arizona (recreational), Mississippi (medical), Montana (recreational), New Jersey (recreational), South Dakota (medical and…

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