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Is CBD the real deal, though? Americans in the early 20th century may have thought that
making pain-killer pills with willow bark would never catch on, but today, Aspirin is a $2.5 billion
global industry.
In 100 years, CBD will either be the new Aspirin, or it will be forgotten. Find out which in this

The CBD phenomenon has been running strong for nearly a decade now, making it worthwhile to examine the long-term viability of the CBD hemp industry. Fads can stay popular for a few years, but if they lack actual substance, public attention will eventually turn away.

What Is CBD?
CBD is a natural component of the hemp plant, called a “cannabinoid” because it is only found
in Cannabis sativa. Unlike THC, the most famous cannabinoid, CBD does not have intoxicating
properties and instead makes users feel lightly relaxed.
Aside from its experienced benefits, CBD also appears to have a profound impact on human
neurochemistry — primarily at the 5-HT and TRP receptors. The potency of the CBD experience

seems to be dependent on the presence of concomitant substances also present in hemp
extract, leading the internet’s top CBD companies to focus extensively on products that also
feature terpenes and minor cannabinoids.
Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products are generally regarded to be “industrial hemp,” and
they are therefore not the Schedule I illicit drug “marijuana.” As such, CBD products are widely
sold online and shipped to all 50 states.

Why Is CBD So…

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