Will marijuana remain legal in Ohio? Thomas SuddesPosted by On

King City Gardens opened in November 2023 in Forest Park as the largest medical marijuana facility in the state of Ohio.

Thomas Suddes is a former legislative reporter with The Plain Dealer in Cleveland and writes from Ohio University. tsuddes@gmail.com

[Thursday 3:42 PM] Robinson, Amelia

Almost 2.2 million Ohio voters passed a law last month legalizing marijuana in their state — or what’s supposed to be their state. But some of the 26 Republicans in Ohio’s Senate actually considered telling those millions of Ohioans to go pound salt by crimping marijuana legalization.

Still, the underlying theme was that the people can’t be trusted to govern themselves, can they? Better that a mostly white, mostly male, and often small-town clique of Senate Republicans, think for voters, yes?

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