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Will Oklahomans have a chance to legalize recreational marijuana this November?State election officials said it’s too late to add state question 820 to the ballots, but supporters insist it could still happen. The state contends we’re long past an Aug. 29 deadline to add anything to the ballot and said there will be no way to change it in just a few days.In a letter to the Supreme Court, Secretary of State Election Board Paul Ziriax said it’s too late. The state question had to have qualified for the ballot by Aug. 26.On Tuesday, Ziriax showed off a nine-page declaration he sent to the state Supreme Court back in August. It explains why state question 820, which would legalize recreational marijuana, isn’t on the November ballot.The ballot initiative faces several unresolved legal challenges and Ziriax said he can’t put it on the ballot until they’re resolved. He also said he can’t accept any ballot additions after Aug. 29 because of a long and complex approval process with every county election board.He said it would take a court order, forcing him to violate the law, for the question to make it on ballots. Those supporting the state question have said the courts have exactly that power. “We are still alive. As long as we have any opening that we can be on that November 2022 ballot, that is what we have been working for this the entire time. And we will continue,” said Michelle Tilley. Ziriax said the law requires him to mail absentee ballots to…

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