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Nine times out of ten, the CBD oils in today’s stores are “hemp-derived.” However, marijuana-extracted CBD is becoming increasingly fashionable, especially in states with recreational cannabis laws.

In fact, marijuana CBD has become so prominent that many new customers have questions about its legality. Is marijuana CBD the same as hemp CBD, or will these extracts have different effects? Most significantly, are both of these CBD oils legal in the USA?

Most Americans have probably heard the terms “hemp,” “marijuana,” and “cannabis.” However, unless people are involved in the legal hemp business, it’s unlikely they know the differences between these words. Heck, some people may not make any distinctions between these cultivars!

If you’re concerned with CBD oil legality, you must know that marijuana and hemp aren’t the same plants. Although these crops are in the cannabis family, only hemp is federally legal. By contrast, marijuana remains on the DEA’s banned substance list.

You could find traces of CBD in marijuana strains, but it’s typically not the primary cannabinoid. Indeed, the reason marijuana remains illegal has to do with its high THC concentration. Officially called “delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol,” THC is the primary cannabinoid that gets people “high.”

The only “high” feature in hemp is its CBD percentage. Unlike marijuana, hemp strains have significant CBD concentrations…

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