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The state Department of Consumer Protection has announced a new FDA approved medical marijuana study.

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine are working with CTPharma to study the effects and uses of a marijuana pill.

Milford mother Cori Alicea turned to medical marijuana for treatment after she was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma brain cancer five years ago.

“My main goal was not to take any medication other than what I needed to do. Which is what I opted to use the medical marijuana,” said Alicea.“It’s done wonders for me. I have no pain. I’m able to do my daily functions. I’m able to take my kids to their practices.”

The FDA has just approved a new study on medical marijuana as part of a partnership between Yale school of medicine and drug maker CTPharma.

“CTPharma along with Yale, has the ability to use plant based cannabinoid formulations and to prove their safety standards,” said Michael Fedele, the board chairman of CTPharma.

The study will use Connecticut grown marijuana in a pill form to explore the effects on pain and stress related conditions.

“All of the science manufacturing, testing, and now the clinical trial are now all contained within the Connecticut program,” said Rino Ferrarese, COO and Scientist at CTPharma.

It was approved by the FDA as part of the state’s medical marijuana program put in place in 2016.

“Connecticut has the best and truest medical marijuana program in the country and it’s because of the robustness of our program and our focus on treating this as medicine,” said Michelle H. Seagull, the commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection.

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