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Your body on cannabis

What happens to your body on cannabis, what are the benefits and the disadvantages when you consume cannabis.

The human body has it’s own cannabinoid receptors, the therapeutic and psychoactive properties receptors are activated when marijuana is consumed. Marijuana often leads to a sense of euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, anxiety and may sometimes cause anxiety.

Marijuana is mainly smoked or vaped, it can also be consumed as an ingredient in food (edible) added in beverages such as teas or infused in oils. Inhaling marijuana smoke into your lungs releases the drug into your bloodstream, and into your brain and organs fairly quickly. When consuming marijuana as an edible the results are the same only it takes a little longer before you feel the effects.

Cannabis has been legalized in many U.S states for medical reasons, and in some states for recreational use as well. Marijuana causes immediate effects “high” increases heart rate, depression or o=increased heart rate. With long term marijuana users there is a chance of causing chronic cough and other health issues.

Marijuana does have many positive and negative benefits, as many thins it can be abused or misused. Source:


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