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By Anna Chibamu

MARIJUANA popularly known as mbanje or cannabis is the most commonly abused drug in Zimbabwe, a study has revealed.

The study, carried out by government through the Youth, Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training ministry in collaboration with Silveira House Jesuit Social Justice and Development Centre and the University of Zimbabwe-Department of Applied Psychology in six provinces was presented during a strategic planning workshop this week and showed that the commonly abused drug was Marijuana or Mbanje at a use rate of 31.3%.

Drug and substance is the ‘harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs’.

Crystal Math also known as Mutoriro/Dombo/Guka is consumed at 24.4%; illicit alcohol such as Musombodiya, Njengu/ Tumbwa, 21.7%; Bronclear/Bronco, 11.8% and inhalants such as glue, thinners and petrol, 2.4%; prescription drugs (sleeping tablets, sedatives, diazepam, Maragadu) taken at 2.3%Cocaine and Heroin at 1.6% and 0.2% respectively.

Silveira House Research Officer David Bote said the study areas included Harare with an 11.7% characteristic; Bulawayo,9.0%, Masvingo, 21.6%; Matabeleland South, Mashonaland West, 28.4% and Midlands province, 24.3%.

Bote said the study focused on those above 18.

“83,7% of people interviewed during the research knew of someone accessing or using drugs and substances while 16,3% of the interviewed population said they were not…

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