Pass-thru Entities, Wages & Salaries, Non-Employee Compensation, Reasonable Compensation and IRC Sec. 199A Pass-Thru Entity Deduction
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Self-Regulation – Commercial Cannabis Industry

Self-Regulation - Commercial Cannabis Industry is a post that is very likely going to land yours truly in a substantial amount of "hot water". However after some reflection, to hell with it, the passing of Senator John S. McCain, III, who is an American hero and an icon of the values that represent American ...

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See our capabilities reel at Mr. Zoot is licensed as a CPA in CA, FL, IL, NY, and TX. He has a national reputation of technical and transactional taxation of pass-thru entities [Partnerships, LLC's and S Corporations], private equity and alternative asset funds primarily in distressed mortgages and assets, professional services, real estate, venture-funded tech start-ups, and the commercial cannabis industry in California. Mr. Zoot is engaged at numerous points of contact in a lead role with AICPA senior executives in the process of developing policy, advocacy and education for CPA's serving the legal cannabis industry. He has been involved with OPR in connection with the cannabis industry, Title 31 [FinCEN] matters and the IRS's OVDP Amnesty Program.
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Trudeau Cannabis Legalization

CONSEQUENCE OF DELAYED LEGALIZATION IN CANADA The Canadian Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau passed the Cannabis Act Bill C-45 in November 2017. The much-awaited bill was first banned in1923 and was legalised again in 2001. The legalisation is expected to be passed on 7th June 2018, but there is much to be debated over and ...

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Do Dogs Benefit From Medical Cannabis

Marijuana, cannabis sativa, CBD oil,  the Seth Rogen – OK, I made that last one up. But let’s face it, there are a lot of terms for cannabis, and many might think that the ones above refer to all the same thing. But this isn’t true:  

  • Marijuana – The ...

can vaping help, vaping, cannabis
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Can Vaping Help You Curb Your Cannabis Usage?

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  Many people are turning to vaping with an e-cigarette in order to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but can it also help you with cutting down on your cannabis usage? Although vaping as an alternative to weed is based on anecdotal evidence rather than solid scientific research, there seems to ...

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Myths about Marijuana Consumption Debunked

Marijuana has been demonized and denigrated for such a long time, even though it’s definitely not more harmful, if not less, than alcohol, for instance. Or in case of people who suffer from chronic pains, it’s quite certainly less addictive and more effective than painkillers, as legal medicinal marijuana dispensaries like claim. Sadly, it’s ...

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Cannabis for pets?

For many pet owners and veterinarians alike the debate surrounding the use of cannabis for the treatment of various ailments has been a seemingly lengthy and frustrating one. Although pet owners in most U.S. states can legally purchase CBD Hemp oil products, many veterinarians and scientists still continue to be hesitant in recommending CBD ...

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Legalization and What It Means to Me

2018 is only just beginning, but I can already say that this is going to be a great time for cannabis and legalization. The year begun with recreational cannabis going on sale in California, Massachusetts is on course to begin sales in July along with Canada, which will be the first major economy to offer ...

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Quit Smoking Cannabis Start Vaping!

January is very much the month for new beginnings, self improvement and new healthy habits. This week however, I have failed dry January, haven't used my new gym membership once and have had carbs with every meal - my old habits obviously die a very hard, slow death! One habit I found easy to give up on ...

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What’s The Next State To Legalize?

The year 2016 was a big one for the nascent marijuana industry. In North America alone, consumers spent a remarkable $6.7 billion on legal cannabis, which is an increase of 34% from 2015. With additional adult use markets opening in Canada, California and Massachusetts, this trend seems highly likely to continue. According to some recent ...

What Is Recreational Cannabis
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What Is Recreational Cannabis and Should You Try It?

Using marijuana recreationally simply means using it for personal enjoyment. In November last year, voters approved Proposition 64 throughout California. Now, any adult older than 21-years of age can use recreational cannabis legally, provided they adhere to state and county laws pertaining to it. It has no effect on medical patients, who use it ...

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This post is submitted by John Levy. He is currently working as a blogger for Pot Valet - a leading company to provide online marijuana delivery in California. With 5 years of experience in the Cannabis industry, John loves to share the useful information about marijuana with others.