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Canada leading the way for cannabis legalization

When it comes to cannabis it turns out Canada is much more progressive than the USA. Full legalization will soon take affect across the nation.  Don’t get us wrong though the US is taking great steps and moving in the right direction, at a greater pace than ever before. It won’t be long before the ...

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Recreational Marijuana Industry

In 2018 we have witnessed the Marijuana industry continue to grow into the profit generating monster we knew it would be. Medical Marijuana was available to patients long before recreational marijuana was available to the public. States that have legalized it for recreational and medical use have benefited from the explosive growth the industry has ...

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A Closer Look at the Stocks of Cannabis Companies And Medical Products

Cannabis stocks are a very unusual and new investment that when they are compared with regular investment, there definitely are no "safe bets."  But if you decide to take the chance on them, medical marijuana offers you with a lot more options.  Many more states have legalized medical marijuana compared to recreational cannabis.  For almost ...

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Renting a Bud Trimmer – A Smart First Step

It’s harvest time. You find yourself with hundreds of pounds of product to process and might be feeling a little overwhelmed. The idea of finding a bunch of new trimmers, hoping that they’re reliable and skilled, and keeping them motivated throughout the trimming season weighs heavily on you. Perhaps you’ve considered investing in a bud trimming ...

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Join The Hottest Wellness Trend & Next Billion Dollar Industry

Be Part Of The CBD Hemp Oil New Product Line Revolution

Take a FREE position NOW with CTFO and their new hot CBD (Cannabidiol) product line! Forbes Says:
Hemp Cannabis Product Sales Projected To Hit $1 Billion In 3 Years.
...cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion-dollar market in just three years, according to a new report by ...

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CONSEQUENCE OF DELAYED LEGALIZATION IN CANADA The Canadian Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau passed the Cannabis Act Bill C-45 in November 2017. The much-awaited bill was first banned in1923 and was legalised again in 2001. The legalisation is expected to be passed on 7th June 2018, but there is much to be debated over and ...

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Ways to smoke Marijuana

If you want to consume weed the next thought that comes to your mind after getting the weed itself is how to consume it. There are many methods of smoking. So if you are looking to smoke weed while listening to your favorite high music or stoner movies, Below are various techniques you can ...

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Why medical marijuana is gaining so much popularity these days

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  Marijuana is one of the oldest and most widespread herbs used by people and it has been used by people for centuries as medicine.  It is becoming even more popular these days due to growing awareness of its medical values and health benefits, it is now being used in the treatment of ...

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Search for the best range of vaping devices and accessories online

To get the best experience for vaping, you always want to find the best range of products for it. Before to get the best experience of vaping Cannabis, you needed to waste your time searching all the devices from various stores in the market. But now it is possible to find a complete range of ...

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CBDDY Announces Five New Discounts Beginning May 1, 2018

We are proud to announce that beginning May 1, 2018 will begin offering multiple discounts to try and assist their customers who need their products, yet live on fixed incomes. They also will begin offering a discount to current and former military members. To top these discounts off and make it even sweeter, They ...