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Research to Better Understand Variations in Cannabis Experiences

Why do some people regularly report feeling relaxed/happy after using cannabis (pot, weed, marijuana), while others go through anxiety and other negative effects? We are researchers based at the University of Wollongong (NSW, Australia) interested in understanding psychological factors (such as personality and mood) involved in shaping typical experiences of cannabis' effects, besides drug-related factors ...

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Ways to smoke Marijuana

If you want to consume weed the next thought that comes to your mind after getting the weed itself is how to consume it. There are many methods of smoking. So if you are looking to smoke weed while listening to your favorite high music or stoner movies, Below are various techniques you can ...

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Does Weed and CBD Help in Weight Loss? Studies will Surprise You!

America is known stereotypically across the world for obesity. The stereotype is present among pop culture reference as well as in the form of internet memes. Even according to the CIA, the United States has been ranked sixth in terms of obesity rate in the world, and the number of obese people in the country ...

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Cannabis seeds 101 – The basics

Seeds VS Clones

A heated debate among many growers, which is better? Which should you start with as a new grower? There’s no right answer. Clones are cuttings from a plant that have been stimulated to produce roots. When it has established the roots, the cutting can be developed into a fully grown up plant that is hereditarily ...

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Canadian Cannabis Politics 3: The People Vs the Federal Conservatives (New Documentary)

Please like, share, and subscribe! Also check out Part 2 (, Part 1 (, & my other documentaries! Visit for new videos, transcripts, references, or to contact me! To keep the free documentaries coming, please consider donating to EndPotProhibition. If you donate $5+ (CAD), e-mail to be credited in an upcoming documentary. *This…

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“Our hands were tied.” Millie’s Story (Cannabis for Kids, Part 1) | National Geographic

Penn and Nicole Mattison’s daughter, Millie, has infantile spasms with hypsarrhythmia, a form of epilepsy. By the time she was four months old she was having upwards of 700 seizures a day. The Mattisons tried numerous medications and diet plans, but Millie didn’t improve. After her doctors said they’d tried everything they could, the Mattisons…

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Congressman Destroys War on Marijuana in Four Minutes

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) details how marijuana prohibition has been a “spectacular failure” and previews reform legislation he will soon introduce. Check out to see more politicians who know it’s time for change.