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CBD dog treats?

A interesting topic has came up in our community and I thought I would write a post asking your opinion. Would you provide your dog with CBD infused dog treats?

Our dogs are a beloved family member so you would do anything that would help ease their pain right? My dog well rather both my dogs I feel could benefit from such treats.

I came across this website selling CBD infused dog treats and as most of us well know CBD is great at relieving inflammation amongst other great benefits. The website promises the treats contain no psychoactive properties so the dog won’t get high. Though they seem to be rather expensive starting at $24 per small bag I feel they may be worth it. I know I wouldnt’t want to pump my dog with vet pills if something all natural will be just as if not more effective.


I’ll start with Teegan. She is a 4 year old Scotchy . A mix between a Chiwawa and a Scottish terrier. She has bad joint problems and once in awhile she manages to dislocate her shoulder while running around playing. When this happens she goes through immense pain that will just break your heart. It usually replaces itself on its own or with a little help. The rest of the day Teegan just lays around sore and mopey. I was thinking the CBD benefits would help with her inflammation and ease the pain.

I have another dog, Teegans sister pizza. She has stomach problems that are causing bloody diarrhea quite often and the couple vets we have seen were unable to diagnose  the source of the problem. Because of this pizza doesnt eat often. Simply refuses. This has caused a rapid influx in her weight gaining and losing back and forth rather quick.

I was thinking about trying the CBD dog treats to stimulate her appetite. Maybe even the treats would perk her up a bit during these stomach problems. I have brought the topic up to a vet and they said they couldnt legally tell me to try it, but did say as their personal opinion “What do you have to lose?” and left it at that.

So I decided to give Treatables  a email and order my first bag. Ill be sure to share the review with everyone in a few weeks. Im super hopeful and optimistic that these will help both my dogs. If CBD can help humans it should in theory be just as effective for K9s.

I’m very interested in hearing peoples opinions on this subject.





4 Comments on CBD dog treats?

rwrabbit said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

My dog Scout is only 3 years old. Hopefully he's years from needing medication. But me, I need to medicate daily. Stay elevated!

Advocate tim said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

A friend of mine has done this with amazing results. He made his own though

Roger Anderson said : subscriber Report 2 years ago

I would certainly consider it if my dog was suffering from a disease like arthritis that was causing him discomfort.

Ed said : Report 2 years ago

I'm interested to know the results of this, my dog is approaching an age where he may experience this pain, and I think you are a good dad to offer this to your dogs...

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