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Golden Barn 750 mg cartridge (Bubble Gum Strain)

Golden Barn 750 mg cartridge (Bubble Gum) $40 at Best Budz, Colorado Springs
New Battery, Best Budz branded made by RX Green $15
I was rather surprised to find the Bubble Gum strain that Best Budz grows, which they do a ...

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Ed is a medical cannabis patient since the early 2000's in Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Top 3 Cannabis-friendly Things to do in Denver

The Adagio – The First Bud & Breakfast Your home away from home awaits you at one of Denver's first 420 friendly hotels or should I say Bud and Breakfast, The Adagio Bud + Breakfast. Feel invited into this Victorian-style inn while basking in the glory of a weed buffet coupled with communal pipes, papers, ...